Dwnload UniBijoy Keyboard Layout for avro

UniBijoy keyboard layout for Avro Keyboard

Who are familiar with popular Bijoy Keyboard layout, some of them can feel hesitate with Avro keyboard’s other layout. So for them I have found a simple and easy solution.

Download the UniBijoy layout and install Avro keyboard. After installing Avro keyboard, just after installing Avro install (just double click) on UniBijoy file and install this layout. now restart your Avro software. And again run Avro. Now you can find Unibijoy keyboard layout in your Avro keyboard.

Please follow the complete steps below.

How to install UniBijoy layout for Avro Keyboard

  1. Download Avro Keyboard

    First you need to download and install Avro Keyboard. You can download Avro 5.1.0 from here.
    Note: Download this Avro 5.1.0 version.

  2. Download UniBijoy Keyboard Layout

    Now you need to download the UniBijoy keyboard layout for Avro. To download UniBijoy keyboard layout, please click here.
    Note: This layout file is only compatible and tested with Avro (5.1.0 version)

  3. Extract the downloaded ZIP folder

    After downloading keyboard layout .zip folder, you need to extract it and you will get a file name UniBijoy.avrolayout.

  4. Double click on UniBijoy.avrolayout

    To install it, just double click and it will be installed inside Avro

  5. Restart Avro

    You are finished! Now just restart Avro and you will see the UniBijoy in your layout list

Download UniBijoy Keyboard Layout

Download Avro old versions

This Unibijoy layout works with only Avro 5.1.0. And after visiting the official website of Avro, it’s difficult for general people to download the old version of Avro. So in addition, I am writing a list of download links to download Avro old version.

Avro 5.5.0Download Avro 5.5.0
Avro 5.1.0Download Avro 5.1.0
Avro 4.5.3 Download Avro 4.5.3

If you face any issue, please write in the comment box and I will try to help you.

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