USD Spending Limit Increased for Bangladeshi

Bangladesh Bank released a statement on Thursday July 25, 2019 about increasing international travel quota limit for Bangladeshi. This will help not only international travelers but also it will help Bangladeshi credit/pre-paid card holders to spend money from their card for any USD transaction.

As per the circular from Bangladesh Bank, it will be effective from January 2020.

Currently an adult Bangladeshi national can use 5,000 USD or equivalent for travel to SAARC member countries and Myanmar. And for other countries you can spend USD 7,000. But it’s just changed from next year.

According to the new circular, now a Bangladeshi adult can use USD 12,000 during a calendar year regardless of the countries or regions. This will be easier for everybody. There will be no SAARC or non-SAARC endorsement category. All international USD transaction will be from your 12,000 travel quota.

New USD Spending Limit for Bangladeshi

What is maximum limit for USD transaction by credit card?

Currently it’s $7,000 for non-SAARC countries and $5,000 for SAARC countries. According to new circular by Bangladesh, from January 2020 this limit increased to $12,000 for all countries during a calendar year.

How much dollar I can use for travelling from Bangladesh?

From 2020, you can spend $12,000 during a calendar year.

This was a concern for all the frequent international travellers from Bangladesh. As well as Bangladeshi people who has duel-currency credit card or prepaid card for any kinds of USD transactions, they faced problems regarding this. It was difficult to get approval to spend much more USD transaction than you were allowed whether it’s for any educational or travel purpose.

To pay any of international USD bills, you can pay from your $12,000 travel quota. Just go to your Bank with your passport and duel currency credit card, get endorsed and start spending.

To keep cash in your pocket while travelling, you need to get your passport endorsed first from any Bank. After that you can get USD bank note from the Bank upto $12,000.

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