What Google SEO Guide Says ?

What Google SEO guide says about your SEO campaign

We are blind!!! Aren’t we, huh!!!? We only want to depend on another expert for everything. But do we know that that expert was also a self learner? Yes, most of the SEO expert who says many many valuable (?) words which is available all over the internet most of them are self learner. I am also as like as them.


But competition is where a person can implement their SEO techniques, how many experienced SEO expert is he, how many website & web tools he has used. Actually I am trying to say you that “You don’t need to pay or hire someone for your SEO campaign”. Because you are the website owner & if you want you can be also a self learner & you can run your SEO campaign by yourself.

But the main problem is that we can’t know ourselves. We are not trying to be self dependent. Am I right? I don’t want to hurt anybody but want to grow some consciousness among the people who are looking around for the SEO solution. Actually I was looking around as like as you, but at last I decided to be a self learner. From this, my journey was started. Now I am a successfull Search Engine Optimization expert.

Actually we want to be high ranked in Google, Yahoo!, Bing or somewhere. And we search the tutorial, free training for seo around the world. But please belive me most of the major search engines has their own techniques, own guidelines, own materials that can really make sense to you to make your site Search Engine friendly. I am not here to sell any books, any materials, any tutorial to you for money!! I have money ( Lolzzz, Really I have?, Ok forget it!!). I am here to open your eyes for a good & better SEO practice. I will not suggest you to take my techniques, follow my guidelines. I am just saying that “Please open your eye & try to be self learner”. By this quotation mark speech you can save lot of money I think (If you really work for your own necessity).

In 13 November, 2008 Google published a “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” for SEO campaign starter. I have read this guide. It is really a best guide I ever seen. Why we will go for buy or take any training. We want our sites in Google Search Engine, So nobody can tell me about SEO than Google. Isn’t it? Do you believe Google? If you do, you can download this guide from the following download here button.

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide by Google Webmaster Central
Download Google SEO Starter Guide

In this guide, you can find some valuable techniques, suggestion & the most interesting things is this guide has published by Google Webmaster Central. In this book you can check that what is wrong & what is right that we found from various online tutorial, training manual by paying little bit amount of dollar.

So just read this guide, and if you want to know better about How to start Google SEO? then contact with me & I will try to provide more & more content that is provided by major search engines, not from any website or any people. I don’t believe anyone. I only believe them who at last are giving us the opportunity to get in the search result. Who are they? They are Google, Yahoo!, Bing.. etc…..

Thank you very much for spending some times for reading this article. But please believe me it & only it can help you to go forward for your SEO campaign.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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