Why Bangladeshi Websites are so old in using modern technology?

There are so many popular websites in Bangladesh. Some of them are commercial and some of them are for personal usage and even some of them are for business purpose. Now a days Bangladeshi websites are being developed so fast. Each day hundreds over site is being developed approximately. But Bangladeshi Websites are so old in looking. Most of the websites are developed by as usual way. I am here to write few things about why Bangladeshi websites are not habituated to use latest technology and features.

  • Just brand
    Few Bangladeshi websites are being developed because of their brand value. People know their name and that’s why people see their website and they are getting lots of traffic. Like ProthomAlo.com, BDJobs.com. This kinds of website owner of Bangladesh thinks that their website is running with lots of information and they are getting traffic so that’s OK. They are giving 20, 30 thousands over salary to their webmaster but their website is as usual. Few of this kinds of famous branded website has started sharing content through social media since few days, few months. Their webmasters haven’t implemented any special features or their website doesn’t meet cross browser functionality, standard graphical user interface, accessibility,?readability. Most of the websites are just generating content and they are running. Even they don’t think about the development of their websites. So Bangladeshi websites are so called ‘poor’ in using modern technology.
  • Old but Highly Paid Web Developer
    Most of the Bangladeshi website is being developed by poor skilled web developer but they are getting high payment as their salary because the website owner (company) has large amount of sells and the company is still a famous brand in Bangladesh. That’s why company management is providing high payment for their web developer but do they think their webmaster’s quality, experience or quality?
  • Open Source CMS, Limitation on Idea
    Most of the Bangladeshi websites are running by Open Source CMS like WordPress, Joomla (Why Joomla is favorite for Bangladeshi web developer?). And their top management is hiring wordpress developer or Joomla developer or other Open Source CMS developer for their official website. So that when their webmaster start working for their website then for the limitation of open source CMS their webmaster can’t built any extra functionality for their website until their expected functionality is not being supported or compatible with their favorite Open Source CMS. So they can’t go forward as they want (sometime not everytime). Because open source CMS is open for all. So it can’t fulfill the requirement of all kinds of people. So if we use Open Source CMS then we should gather the ability to add extra functionality for that CMS as we expect.
  • Lack of Skilled Webmaster
    In Bangladesh day by day web development learner is increasing but the number of skilled webmaster is not increasing. Because before finishing learning of Web Development people think they are capable to start earning or building their career as a web developer. But they shouldn’t do that. They should complete their training or they should work themselves few months of few years before starting their career. It’s so important. In Bangladesh recently 95% of web developers are doing outsourcing. They are considering themselves as freelancer. It’s good but for this we are loosing few brilliant web developer’s talent. They don’t want to work under pressure like going to office, working under a boss. But it is necessary. They should do professional work. For this reason Bangladeshi websites are being so called old because the Bangladeshi website owner is not getting skilled web developer.
  • Webmasters are becoming Entrepreneur
    Most of the webmasters are becoming entrepreneur with their project. But they don’t know the business or they don’t know the business opportunity for their websites. That’s why a large number of Bangladeshi websites are loosing their quality. To do start business with this websites web developers can’t concentrate on developing their websites. It’s a major problem for Bangladeshi websites.

I will also write about it in further. But I personally think we should implement most of the latest technology in our websites. There are lots of techniques, technology to make our website more better, more standard and more user friendly. So we should think about the development of Bangladeshi website. If you know more please don’t hesitate to share information and your opinion in comments.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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