WordPress plugin development is a real easy work



It’s really easy to develop wordpress plugin. Just follow some steps.

Step1: First make a PHP file in wp-content/plugin/ directory. Basically filename will be the name of your plugin. So try to give a unique name of your plugin.

Step2: Now write down some plugin information like Plugin name, Author, description etc. It’s compulsory because wordpress will detect your plugin through this information.

step3: Now write down your main task in a function like ShowText() [according to the above image].

Step4: To execute your function add an wordpress action like add_action (‘the_content’, ‘ShowText’) means when the wordpress will load the_content() function then your ShowText() function will also load.

Step5: To create a menu within wordpress admin control panel for your plugin, you need to call action like add_action(‘admin_menu’,’my_plugin_menu’);.. here my plugin menu is your plugin’s menu function.

Now you have to give some argument into the my_plugin_menu() such as ‘Title, Plugin slug, menu’s link output function. In this above image the output function is ‘my_plugin_options().

Now we have to write down the output within my_plugin_options()function.

Now I hope you have a little bit concept about the plugin development. Let’s start your wordpress plugin development journey.


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